Plymouth, MA (historically known as Plimouth and Plimoth) is a town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States. It is the largest municipality in Massachusetts by area. Plymouth, MA is one of two county seats of Plymouth County, the other being Brockton. It is named after Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom, which is, in turn, named for the mouth of the river Plym. Plymouth, MA is best known for being the landing site of the Mayflower and the Pilgrims. Founded in 1620, Plymouth, MA is the oldest municipality in New England and one of the oldest in the United States. It also is the second permanent English settlement in the modern United States, preceded by Jamestown. The town has served as the location of several prominent events, the most notable being the First Thanksgiving feast. Plymouth, MA served as the capital of Plymouth Colony from its founding in 1620 until the colony's dissolution in 1691. Plymouth, MA is located approximately 40 miles (63.4 kilometers) south of Boston in a region of Massachusetts known as the South Shore.

Throughout the 19th century, the town thrived as a center of ropemaking, fishing, and shipping, and once held the world's largest ropemaking company, the Plymouth Cordage Company. While it continues to be an active port, today the major industry of Plymouth, MA is tourism. Plymouth, MA is served by Plymouth, MA Municipal Airport, and contains Pilgrim Hall Museum, the oldest continually operating museum in the United States. Plymouth, MA has held a unique role in American history. As one of the country's first settlements, it is well-known in the United States for its historical value. The events surrounding the history of Plymouth, MA have become part of the mythology of the United States, particularly those relating to Plymouth, MA Rock, the Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving. Plymouth's climate is humid continental, which is the predominant climate for Massachusetts and New England. Due to its location on the Atlantic Ocean, humidity levels can be very high year-round. Plymouth's coastal location causes it to experience warmer temperatures than many inland locations in New England.

14 °C

Rain, moderate rain (2.46 mm last hour)

Wind12.52 m/s
Cloudiness100 %
Temperature (min/max)13/15 °C
Pressure1011 hpa
Humidity90 %
Last update: 03 Dec 2022 @ 20:23

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