Countries in North America

Baysiders come from many different settings. A bayside is a place where a body of water - such as ocean, sea, river, or lake - is partly surrounded by land. is an online community of Baysiders with one thing in common: the unique lifestyle that comes from living on a bay. Select a country to learn more about its bays.

The prevalent languages in North America are English, Spanish, and French. This is a vast continent with a fascinating mix of cultures and traditions, not to mention an array of spectacular landscapes.


Canada, the largest country in North America, second largest in the world, is as varied as it is vast. Stretching over 7,000km from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Canada is one of the most exciting trav ... READ MORE


Mexico is a diverse country divided into 31 states lying just south of the USA. It has a rich historical heritage, from Spanish colonial towns to ancient relics of the Maya, Olmeca and Azteca cultures ... READ MORE

United States

United States of America (USA) is vast. It features 19,924 km of coastline and in comparison is about half the size of Russia; it is the third or fourth largest country by total area, and third larges ... READ MORE

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