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As members of the  Indian Brook School we have high expectations for all of our students and staff. Students are here to learn.  But along the way we want all of our students to follow some guidelines that will also ensure safety of all students at all times. They include trying our hardest to do our best, using kind words, telling the truth and being fair, playing and acting safely, treating others like we want to be treated, accepting everyone, being polite, taking turns, and listening to others, following lunchroom and playground rules, obeying teachers and all other supervisors, and making sure that games and activities are open to everyone.

If all students at  Indian Brook School adhere to the above we can ensure a positive School environment that will encourage learning in an atmosphere that promotes understanding and diversity.

The Indian Brook School Council has developed the following goals for their 2005-2006 School improvement plan, to improve student abilities to apply mathematics as it relates to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks,  to improve student abilities apply  English Language Arts as it relates to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, to improve technology usage related to all curriculums (Math, Science, Reading, Social Studies), to expand the safety programs offered to all student K-4 and to expand the after School enrichment programs offered to all students in grades K-4.

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