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Welcome to Plymouth Bay Winery, and taste the fruits of our labour.

Our family Winery, overlooking historic Plymouth Bay, MA, in the USA,  is now producing cranberry and other delightful fruit Wines.   Nestled in the hillside of Plymouth, visitors and natives alike can discover and visit many shops and attractions to compliment their Winery experience.

Plymouth Bay Winery Wines are produced with age-old methods enhanced by personal integrity.  All our Wines are made on location in "America's Hometown".  We purchase only the choicest fruit from various select growers whose commitment to high quality is reflected in the wonderfully rich, fruity Wines produced at  Plymouth Bay Winery.  Our blends are a reflection of our desire to produce the most interesting premier Wines in the area.  We invite you to sample our Wines at our free Wine tastings. Plymouth Bay Winery Wines will compliment any meal from fish to fowl, meat and salads. These versatile fruit Wines will be a welcome companion at any table. Our traditional grape Wines round out any food combinations imaginable. The Pilgrims themselves couldn't have asked for more!

As visitors to the area, you will find the Plymouth Bay Winery,a pleasant and unique experience. We are located in the heart of Plymouth's historic waterfront district. We are a cork throw away from the Mayflower, Plymouth Rock, and of course, the glorious bay and all its associated amenities.

We are proud to present our Wines for public tasting and enjoyment.  We know that your experience with Plymouth Bay Winery will be delightful and different. There isn't an event or holiday that cranberry Wine won't serve as a warm embrace. Thanksgiving dinner would not be complete without our robust Ruby Red Cranberry Wine.

We invite you to come relax and enjoy our distinctive cranberry Wines and the other "Fruits Of Our Labor."

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