Salvador, capital of the state of Bahia, was the first major port and the capital of colonial Brazil for almost two centuries. The city lies between green tropical hills and broad beaches along the bay of Todos os Santos. Sourced with thanks from Darkwing Brasil Salvador   Salvador is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Due to its very beauty and to a series of unique features, it has become a primary destination for international tourism. Famous for its history, for the legacy left by people from other continents, for the religious syncretism and for its hospitable people, the capital of the state of Bahia has staged and has been the object of several studies, conducted by professionals from different fields. It also draws visitors from everywhere, who arrive in the city seduced by the best kind of advertisement there is: The word –of-mouth. Tourists are obviously attracted to the City of Joy by the natural and cultural riches it has, and we are aware of the extreme importance of tourism for our people. Consequently we work very hard to improve our equipment and our services, in order to make a stay in Salvador truly unforgettable. We want tourists not only to be fascinated by our city, but also to come back frequently. Our main purpose is to welcome tourists, offer them the best conditions, the best rides, the best restaurants and hotels, and the best trip. We want them to be amazed in every corner they see and by every story they are told.

We work to make a trip to Salvador an experience recorded not only in journals and on photographs, but one that remains alive in the memory and in the heart. This is why we invest so many resources in the city. Our state’s capital is clean, modern, well arborized, and pleasant to see and to live in. These are goals we work to achieve every single day of the year, to improve a place that is already a great natural gift. Salvador casts a good spell on its first time visitors so they always want to come back, and those who live here are naturally enchanted by it and hardly ever leave. The city mixes the primitive and the modern in one place. Salvador offers all this and much more. You’ve got to try it! Only those who come to Salvador can really feel this land and understand why the Capital of Bahia is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world…Enjoy the spicy atmosphere present in every corner of this joyful city. Welcome to the Land of Happiness! Welcome to Salvador, Bahia. Sourced with thanks from  Emtursa Graphic sourced with thanks from Bahia Online - The Beach Scene

24 °C

Clouds, broken clouds

Wind4.25 m/s
Cloudiness64 %
Temperature (min/max)24/24 °C
Pressure1017 hpa
Humidity75 %
Last update: 30 Sep 2023 @ 12:50

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Map of Salvador

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