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Companhia da Pizza started shy, only with deliveries, and today it has conquered a public of "high level", as is classified by the proprietor, Antonio Portela. The place is a point of meeting of intellectuals, formers of opinion and artists, besides very frequented by tourists.
Portela makes a point to receive all with affection and is always creating new features. Most recently is the Laboratory of Desserts, commanded for the Silvana gourmet Sacrament, that added fifteen new delights more than desserts to the Menu, and the Boteco of Espera, a space created to give more comfort to the customers who wait for a table. Prominence also for the creation of a space differentiated for events and infantile recreation with park and monitors, that must be concluded in November. The Menu composed for the salads, nothing less than seventy pizza flavors, calzones and panzones, folded fine and crocante mass with filling in the way. Pizza's are made with the consultation of a nutritionist and selected products, as rúcula organic, special egg of yard and tomatoes. The base, was developed by Portela and is baked in firewood oven.
Entrance: rocatela, rolled of mozzarela of buffalo with pepperoni, dry tomatoe and basil, served in rodelas fine with aroeira in grains and oil of oliva, R$ 15,00. Main plate: the suggestion is the pizza of low calorie made with integral base and filling of cool mushrooms, 32,50 R$ the average. Dessert: meringues, with cream of milk, strawberries, artisan jelly and sigh, R$ 12,00.
The place was elected as one that serves the best pizza of the capital, according to jury of SEES Salvador. Come for pizza at Companhia da Pizza.

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Praça Brigadeiro Faria Rocha, s/nº, Rio Vermelho
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