Samothraki is one of the north-east Aegean islands, 29 nautical miles south of the mainland city of Alexandroupolis. This eliptical island covers an area of 180 sq.klm. with a shoreline of 32 klms. It's terrain is mountainous and the highest peak of Mount Saos or Saoki is Fengari at 1700 m. Samothraki became worldwide known , mainly of the beautiful statue VICTORY OF SAMOTHRAKI, which decorates the Louvre Museum, as well as of the Temple of the Great Gods, which in Ancient times was famous as a Panhellenic Religious Centre. The natural  beauties  of  Samothraki , the  perennial  plane  trees ,  the  dense green - ery , the crystal waters , the  impetuous  waterfalls , the  mysterious   "Old Vathras"  offer the visitor an exotic holiday. Apart from the natural beauties the visitor will have the opportunity to satisfy his gastronomic wishes. The tasty semi - savage goat on the spit is something that thevisitors have to try. Concerning leisure time activities visitors  can go swimming, fishing and diving in the crystal - clear sea water. PLACES OF INTEREST The ruins of an ancient city survive to the northof the island, near the village of Palaiopoli, where in 1874 Austrian archaeologists excavated the site of the sanctuary of the Cabeiri. It consists of two temples dedicated to the Cabeiri (4th and 5th centuries) a stoa (west side), and Asrinoeio (north side) - a circular structure dedicated by king Lysimachus to his wife, Arsinoe. To the east lies the Ptolemaeio, built by Ptolemy II of Egypt.The Colossiaio Walls, remains of the ancient city of the settlers from Samos are to be found on higher ground. The two towers of the Castle of the Gatelouzo family survive at the two extremes of the walls. The famous statue of the <<Victory of Samothraki>>  was taken from here to Paris in 1863. TOURISM The Archaeological Museum in Palaiopoli which containts finds from excavations on the island, is worth a visit. So the Folklore Museum at Hora, which is a testament to the cultural heritage of the island.

The church of Koimisi tis Theotokou is also located at Hora and contains icons dating to 1875. In 1978 the settlement of Hora was declared a listed area. Hotels are to be found in Kamariotissa, Therma and Palaiopoli, while rooms are let at Hora and Karyotes. There is a camping site a short distance from Therma. The beaches of Pachia Ammos and Kipos are highly recommended for swimmingand the island's mineral water springs are well known. Some of the famous products of the island are the olives, olive oil, cottage cheese, honey and goat meat. Hora is well known for its walnut and apricot traditional preserves. Every day is a new experience for the visitor, as he discovers the countless beauties of the island, which include the "Old Vathras" in Therma, the waterfalls of Fonias ("the Killer"), the traditional settlemend of Chora, Gatilouzi's Fortress, the mystic environment of the Archaeological Site, the impressive beaches of Pachia Ammos and Kipos and the underwater lushness which remind the visitor of Cousto'sdocumentaries ending up at the slope of mountain Saos, ideal for trecking with engraved routes. This  is  Samothraki  Greece which  invites  you  to  visit  and  promises  an  unforgetable holiday. Graphic sourced with thanks from           

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