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Samothraki Diving Centre in Samothraki, Evros, Greece | Diving

Samothraki Diving Centre Day Trips For certified Scuba Divers, For discover Scuba Divers, For snorkeling Divers, For visitors If you are a certified diver, we are expecting to tour you around the beautiful underwater world of Samothraki.

Samothraki Diving Centre Discovery Scuba Diving - Dive excursions are also available for snorkeling divers and non Diving public.

This is for people who have never been Diving before and do not have enough time to complete a full certification course, but they want to discover the exciting underwater wold.

Samothraki Diving Centre Training - This programme initiates you to Diving in a pleasant and exciting way.

Join our scuba Diving courses and get the feeling of flying in a weightless environment with the colourful marine life around you.

Experienced instructors will train you and help you to enjoy the course.

After the completion of the course you will receive a world wide recognised certification from Samothraki Diving Centre.

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