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Michael's Inn Bed 'n Bath in Port Angeles, Clallam County, United States | Inn

Built in 1905 and totally restored between 1990 and today, Michael's Inn Bed & Bath in Port Angeles, Washington was a wedding gift to Bunny Rixon, daughter of Caroline Rixon, for whom Washington State's Mount Carrie is named. Your hosts at Michael's Inn Bed & Bath are Michael and Carrie Millet.

Theodore and Caroline Rixon received this house now known as Michael's Inn Bed & Bath as their wedding present in l905 from their parents.

Theodore F Rixon 's early homesteads included land on Tealwhit Head on the Pacific Ocean, Westlands in the west end of the county and Fairholme at Lake Crescent.

From Westlands he administered thousands of acres of Clallam Timber Company's timberlands until the area was logged off in the decade after 1908. Rixon was born in Saines, England, Oct 10, 1861. In 1882 he came to Canada, playing professional cricket and hockey as well as working on surveying jobs.He continued his engineering career in Chicago, then migrated west.

In 1899 he married Carrie Jones, postmaster and homesteader at Fairholme. While making the peninsula survey, he named one of the outstanding Olympic peaks in honor of his wife.

Theodore F Rixon, sometimes called the "Pathfinder in the Wilderness" for his early work on the Olympic Peninsula, died at the home of his daughter on Salt Spring Island, BC in the Gulf of Georgia. He was 93.

Michael's Inn Bed & Bath is steeped in history and you are sure to enjoy your stay at our home.

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