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Le Palais Restaurant in Gaithersburg, Montgomery County, United States | French Restaurant | Wine | French Cuisine

Le Palais Restaurant in Gaithersburg, Maryland, invites diners to relax and enjoy delicious French Cuisine in an intimate and friendly atmosphere, where they will receive excellent service. Wine racks filled with sparkling crystal decanters and Wine glasses grace the entrace to the bustling kitchen and tables are set with crisp white linen for that added graceful touch. Although the menu at Le Palais Restaurant is not large, the main courses of delightful French Cuisine are changed regularly, and there is a well selected and reasonably priced Wine list, with some choices available per glass. And to round off a perfect meal of French Cuisine, Le Palais Restaurant offers classic French desserts.

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304 Main Street
United States
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French Restaurant
French Cuisine
Crystal Decanters
Sparkling Wineglasses
Intimate Atmosphere
Excellent Service
Elegant Interior