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Welcome to the Corndance Cafe, Culver, United States. The Corndance Cafe offers an incredible dining experience matched only by the finest restaurants in America's largest cities - right in the middle of the cornfields of northern Indiana! The gourmet creations of award winning chef, George Pesek, and Corndance's warm, inviting atmosphere combine to create what is always a very memorable experience. Word about the Corndance Cafe has spread far beyond northern Indiana and continually brings new customers to dine - please join us next time you are in Culver.
Lunch at Corndance Cafe eatures an array of selections including salads, Old Grumps sandwiches, burgers, pastas, chicken, and steaks.
Dinner is a slightly more formal affair - not too formal, though! Be prepared to choose from incredible seafood, distinctive pasta creations, prime dry-aged steaks, or gourmet pizza baked on a wood-fired hearth. And, we always have a large selection of distinctive daily specials!
The restaurant's private room accommodates up to 50 guests, and is perfect for special events. Full service off-site catering is also available.
For large parties, we offer reservations of the Corndance Cafe upstairs level, which includes a separate bar and restroom facilities. For a full list of party options, upstairs rentals fees and other pricing information, please call during business hours.

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117 South Main Street Culver, Indiana 46511
United States
(574) 842-3220
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