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Welcome to Children's House in Los Altos, California in the United States, where we foster child independence, a love for learning and an environment that encourages our diverse population of children to play and solve problems together.
The Children?s House of Los Altos, California, was established in 1978 by Ella Mayon to provide a nurturing, safe, educational setting for children. We give each child an opportunity to grow and learn through positive reinforcement in the areas of social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.
Our philosophy is a melding of the educational theories of John Dewey, Jean Piaget, David Elkind, Maria Montessori, Howard Gardner, Reggio Emilia and Waldorf. We recognize that children learn through active investigation and discovery from their environment and that they love meaningful, hands-on, play based activities. We plan sequentially more challenging curriculum, emerging from their interests, to help children naturally work to refine skills that help them become independent and more capable. We recognize that their self-confidence is derived from independence and independence skills give them the confidence necessary for future learning. We believe that all children are born with unique abilities, and given the opportunity to pursue them, each will discover his unique gift. Children?s House is ?the house of the child.? Children?s House envelopes children in beautiful surroundings, that enhance their development, and encourages their exploration.
Children's House has five lovely classrooms for children, a playnasium, an art studio, a covered outdoor ?tree house? and two outdoor exploration areas ? our Redwood Grove and our Courtyard. Room 1 is home to our 2 ½ year olds and entry level three year olds. Room 2 is home to our two?s program. Our continuing three year olds and PRE-K are in room 3. Room 4 is home to our PLUS classes. Room 5 is home to our AM/PM PRE-K and in the afternoon, our transitional kindergarten. Extended care uses all classroom settings.
Each classroom is equipped with two emergency escape routes, including routes for individuals with disabilities.

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770 Berry Avenue
Los Altos
United States
(650) 968-9052
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Fostering Child Independence
Encouraging Playing Together
Solving Problems Together
Educational Setting
Beautiful Surroundings
Enhancing Children Development
Encouraging Their Exploration.

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