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Cape Porpoise Harbour in Cape Porpoise, York County, United States | Harbour

The Maine Island Trail begins in Cape Porpoise Harbour, United States More than a dozen islands populate this tight archipelago, with substantial fishing traffic during the summer months. There is much to explore on day trips, and three lovely islands allow camping. These islands have a very different character and feeling than other islands further down east.

Cape Porpoise Harbour was first identified by Europeans in 1604 by Samuel de Champlain while on an exploration for the French government. Champlain called the region Island Harbor, but because the French didn’t settle there an Englishman named Captain John Smith renamed it Cape Porpoise after a school of porpoises he saw in the area. Today Cape Porpoise is a thriving community split between traditional lobster fishing and tourism.

The Kennebunkport Conservation Trust (KCT) has acquired many of the islands in Cape Porpoise Harbour along with a number of other sensitive parcels of land in the community. Their goal is “to preserve land in its natural state so that future generations will be able to enjoy it as we do.” Founded in 1969, KCT has protected more than 50 islands and parcels of land. They have an active island stewardship program, and you may see their small Lund skiff on the bay or doing a cleanup on one of the islands.
Parking is extremely limited in Kennebunkport. There is a small public lot at the end of Pier road in Cape Porpoise however, this site gets heavy local use by working fishermen and visitors from away are not appreciated during peak summer months. Please yield to fishermen while driving, parking, and boating.

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