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This land of the sun is one of the main tourist destinations of Brazil and has attractions for all tastes. From Jericoacoara, with its immense white dunes, to the Dune Buggy and Jeep rides in Canoa Quebrada, to handcraft industries in embroidery, hammocks, and pottery. The State is best known for its extensive coastline, with 573 kilometers (356 miles) of sand blessed with sun all year long. But it also has great expanses of mountains and sertões, such as the great valleys producing tropical fruits in the chapadas of Araripe and Apodi. To the south, on the border of Paraiba, Pernambuco and Piauí, is the National Forest of Araripe.

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Fortaleza is the state capital of Ceara, located in Northeastern Brazil. With a population of over 3.4 million (metropolitan region), Fortaleza has an area of 313 square kilometres (121 sq mi)....

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