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Marcel Restaurant in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil | Restaurant

Marcel Restaurant installed in the hotel Holiday Inn, it has a fine environment, with upholstered chairs, place settings of silver and glass walls that overlook the Beach of Iracema.
The menu lists classic prescriptions of the French culinária, but chef Valdemir As adds some regional touchse. The plates with sirigado, for example, are not served in São Paulo, but they make a success pertaining to the state of Ceará public. Another prominence is the shrimp, that appears in two versions: traditional and exported, brought from Santa Catarina.
The crustacean can be consumed as entered lightly empanado, with salads green watered to the mustard gravy (R$ 25,00). For those who prefer meat, the suggestion for main course is magret of canard aux fruits sauvages (breast of duck grilled to the gravy of wild fruits folloied of risoto of safflower, R$ 48,00). Many prescriptions are made with imported products. The oil of trufas is Italian; escargot, Frenchman; e the salmon is brought of Chile. The suflês that they had also made the fame of the Marcel in the São Paulo capital is gifts in the menu and is an option for the dessert. Suflê au Grand Marnier is made with the liquor of same name and cost R$ 17,00. The letter of wines lists 110 labels. Elected as the best French Restaurant of the city - Marcel Restaurant.

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