Maori Tradition relates that the great priest Ngatoroirangi and a chief, Tia, arrived in the Arawa canoe that made landfall at Cape Runaway and its people settled in the Bay of Plenty. Tia was the first to explore inland and came across the eastern side of Taupo. He noted that a formation of rock resembled his heavy cloak and hung the cloak, or taupo, on a post and claimed the area as Taupo nui a Tia, which means the Great Cloak of Tia. Ngatoroirangi arrived soon after and headed further south to the then lifeless mountains. He climbed to the top of one of the peaks and was almost overcome by the terrible cold. He called upon his sisters overseas in the ancestral home of Hawaiki to send him heat for warmth. The fire gods answered the sisters prayers and the fire came, travelling under the sea and land. At the coast of New Zealand, the fire broke through the surface as volcanic or thermal activity and ran as a line through White Island, Rotorua, Taupo and down to the mountains which erupted as volcanoes. When you think of the Lake Taupo region, Think Fresh .... as in fresh air, snow, trout, volcanoes, rivers, lakes, people, fun, food and attitudes. Did you know... Lake Taupo itself was created by the largest known eruption of the past 5,000 years, it was so big the sun went hazy in China. Today, what remains is a lake the size of Singapore and the largest fresh water lake in Australasia. Where is Lake Taupo? In the central north island of New Zealand. Only 1 hours drive from Rotorua.

3 °C

Clear, clear sky

Wind1.36 m/s
Cloudiness1 %
Temperature (min/max)3/3 °C
Pressure1017 hpa
Humidity85 %
Last update: 24 Sep 2021 @ 20:00

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