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New Zealand is a land of outstanding natural beauty, from rolling green hills to glaciers, geysers, and crystal clear lakes to miles of deserted beach and lush forests. New Zealand floats in the South Pacific, a narrow channel dividing the North Island from the South Island. North Island steams with volcanic activity. There is Rotorua where clouds of sulphurous steam rise out of the earth. The most active spots, like Whakarewarewa, have geysers and pits of boiling mud. White Island is a new volcano still forming in the Bay of Plenty, while Lake Taupo is the biggest of these crater lakes of the north island. There are several volcanoes in Tongariro National Park; Ruapehu, last blew its top in 1995. The South Island has a long spine of mountains down the centre offering spectacular vistas. Visit the wild west coast or swim with wild dolphins in the bay at Kaikoura on the opposite side. New Zealand boasts its own particular flora and fauna: flightless birds, several kinds of unique trees and a primitive lizard, the tuatara. There is also a general lack of biting or poisonous bugs or beasts! With around 15,000 kilometres of coastline and more than 25 marine reserves, there is a host of outdoor activity to keep you busy in New Zealand. The majority of New Zealanders live in the cities of the North Island. Capital, Wellington is the southernmost national capital in the world. There is an abundance of good food and trendy bars once you have had enough of the great outdoors. From Auckland city, you can catch ferries to populated islands such as Waiheke and Great Barrier. Further north you can discover the Bay of Islands, a large area of offshore islands between Cape Brett and the Purerua Peninsula.

Regions in New Zealand

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