Fréjus is a large, sprawling town with some famous Roman ruins. It's also a very popular summertime tourist town, although the center of town is a couple of km from the beaches, which are 2 km long and 100 m wide of fine sand, between Fréjus and St. Raphaël. Sourced with thanks from Fréjus is a coastal town on the Côte d'Azur and commune in the Var department, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of southern France. It neigbours Saint-Raphaël, Var, effectively forming one town. The north of the commune forms part of the Estérel Massif. Frejus contains a medieval city as well as a popular seaside resort. Created by the Romans, Frejus attracts many tourists because of its history, cultural and artistic qualities, its well kept beaches, the sea and sporting facilities. There are numerous places of interest in the area, all are reasonably accessible from Frejus because of its convenient location. At present its habitants total 45,000 and the town offers a broad spectrum of activities. Frejus Main Sights -  The church of St. Maximinus, begun towards the end of the thirteenth century by Charles II of Sicily and completed by the end of the fifteenth century, a relevant example of pointed architecture in the south of France. The head of St. Mary Magdalen is honoured here, and the crypt contains tombs which date from the first centuries of the Christian Era. Forum Julii still has a lot of its ruins and an exceptional archaeological value. There's the Roman Amphitheatre, arcades of the Oree Gate, and remains of the Aqueduct arches. There is also the Cathedrale, Chapel Jean Cocteau , Aurelienne's villa and Aurelien's park. The rhythm and mood still lives on today with many exhibitions, theatre and classical music events. Frejus is a sound bet if you have kids to entertain with its number of activity centres in the vicinity designed specially for them. If you can't find what you are looking for in Frejus, there are many other attractions not too far away, There's a number of outdoor activities available from March to October. At the Local Sailing Club (Club municipal de Voile) you'll find a wide choice, i.e. catamaran, wind surfing, and many more. At the Port Frejus Deep Sea Diving club (Club la Palanquee) you can take part in various organised diving trips down to sea wrecks, reefs and walls of coral, there is also night diving around  Fréjus. Sourced with thanks from Frejus Wikipedia Graphic sourced with thanks from Take the Family
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