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CIP de Port-Frejus in Frejus, Var, France | Diving

CIP de Port-Frejus - Deep-sea Diving is a leisure accessible to any public; the only requirement of Diving is to be minimum 8 years old.
For all the other levels, we have created three formulas in order to adapt as well as possible and at each one of your requirements; those are valid for each formation, which will proceed under the responsibility for a monitor; the goal being, for all to arrive at the same level. Nevertheless, for a formation higher than the Elementary Patent or Open PADI Diving, it is desirable to envisage the formation over 2 weeks (or 20 Divings with the map) and this over one duration maximum 15 month period.
All in-depth Diving training provide by CIP de Port-Frejus.

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Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
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