Varberg Windsurfing


Windsurfing is a surface water sport. Windsurfing uses a sailboard, on which windsurfers stand, and is powered by the wind with a sail. Windsurfing allows a greater degree of speed and manoeuvrability than other sailing sports.

Windsurfing is a quite a new sport, and was granted Olympic sport status in 1984.

Windsurfing basics can be taught in just a few hours, so you could even learn how to windsurf on a weekend break. Windsurfing can be done on the sea, on inland lakes, and, increasingly, in indoor windsurfing facilities.

Windsurfing can be done by children as young as 4 using a lightweight right. Almost anyone, anywhere, can take up windsurfing.



Windsurfing in Varberg, Halland, Sweden

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