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Watersports are any sports involving water, whether in, under or on the surface of the water. Watersports exist to suit all types of people, and many Watersports are spectacular spectator sports as well.

Watersports that take place in the water range from swimming to water polo, and diving. Watersports under the water include snorkelling, scuba and free diving, and water rugby. Watersports on the water encompass a huge range of activities. Surface water sports include all the surfing and body boarding, boating, and wind-propelled Watersports. For the more adventurous, being towed by a vehicle when skurfing, water skiing or paragliding are some high adrenalin water sports.

Watersports are fun to watch and play, so take time to explore the world of watersports.



Watersports in Port Mandurah, Western Australia, Australia

  • Jet-X-Treme

    Jet-X-Treme in Mandurah and Hillarys, Western Australia brings your extreme flyboard fun and an unforgettable adrenaline rush when you launch out the water and head for the skies and sun. Once kitted with all safety gear by amazing staff and ground crew, qualified instructors take over to get you ready for X-treme fun, you can share the magic by buying someone a gift voucher to enjoy the experience with you. Jet-X-Treme offers combined land based safety briefing and instruction, one on one flyboard instruction and safety equipment includes a helmet, life jacket and wetsuit if required, and instruction will be tailored to meet your needs, they have options from selfies to double up, trip, friends with benefits, groupies and party time. Flyboard manouevres you can learn include the dolphin dive, huge dolphin, black dolphin reverse dolphin, swagged out dolphin, backflip, double, triple, slalom and much more, let the x-treme adventures begin.

  • Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire

    Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire in Mandurah, Western Australia offers boat hire, bike hire and SUP board hire with no skippers license needed and pets are welcome on board. They have a wide range of boats to cruise the canals in, as well as well maintained dinghies, pontoon boats and luxury Suntrackers which are ideal for families and groups, these stable boats also come with a safety briefing before your cruise, come be a skipper for the day. They have a well maintained wide range of bikes, even tandems and a child's chariot which accommodates to kids, to be attached to any of the bikes, come enjoy a leisurely cycle around the foreshore, sightseeing at your own pace before or after your boat ride. Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire also offer stand up paddle boards for hire, these SUP boards offer great exercise workouts while enjoying the scenery, and they are easy to paddle and stable, come explore the estuary and canals, it will feel like you are walking on water.

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