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The Silk Thai Restaurant in Port Mandurah, City of Mandurah, Australia | Thai Restaurant | Thai

The Silk Thai Restaurant is known as the best Thai Restaurant in Mandurah, Western Australia by far, and are the only restaurant in the area serving specialties of flambeed hotplate dishes such as lamb rack, roast duck in honey sauce and brandy-basted sirloin. Full flavoured curries and delicate wok creations are expertly prepared by the Thai chefs who follow traditional Thai cooking methods, and five different types of curries come with the same medium of hotness. You can choose your favourite base ingredient like chicken, beef, duck, lamb, seafood, Tiger prawns, vegetables and Tofu for your stir fry wok favourites or creamy curries. The Silk Thai Restaurant also offers take-aways, and offers special promotions and events from time to time.

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52 Mandurah Terrace
Port Mandurah
Western Australia
(08) 9536 2373
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Flavoured Curries
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Lamb Rack
Roast Duck