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Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire in Mandurah, Western Australia offers boat hire, bike hire and SUP board hire with no skippers license needed and pets are welcome on board. They have a wide range of boats to cruise the canals in, as well as well maintained dinghies, pontoon boats and luxury Suntrackers which are ideal for families and groups, these stable boats also come with a safety briefing before your cruise, come be a skipper for the day. They have a well maintained wide range of bikes, even tandems and a child's chariot which accommodates to kids, to be attached to any of the bikes, come enjoy a leisurely cycle around the foreshore, sightseeing at your own pace before or after your boat ride. Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire also offer stand up paddle boards for hire, these SUP boards offer great exercise workouts while enjoying the scenery, and they are easy to paddle and stable, come explore the estuary and canals, it will feel like you are walking on water.

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2a 20 Ormsby Terrace
Port Mandurah
Western Australia
(08) 9535 5877
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