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Wineries are places where wines are made - and the term may also apply to a company that owns more than one winery.

Wineries will hold the full range of the fascinating equipment that is needed to produce wines. Wineries are often situated in old, historical buildings, so a winery visit also often has architectural interest.

Wineries may be in towns and cities, or on the far, where you can sample a rural atmosphere visiting the winery.

Wineries usually have tasting rooms or cellar doors, where visitors can taste the wines before buying them. You can then buy wines that you have enjoyed on site. With so much to offer, isn't it time you visited a winery?



Winery in Vashon Island, Washington, United States

  • Andrew Will Winery

    Andrew Will Winery on Vashon Island have helped put Washington state on the map as a world-class wine-producing region. Andrew Will Winery produces blends of varieties that also make the most complex and attractive wines. Chris Camarda the winemaker has developed his style of winemaking over the years, and now offers elegant wines with finesse. Join the wine club and enjoy varieties throughout the year sent to you via mail.

  • Palouse Winery

    Palouse Winery is located on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound and is a small handcrafted family run winery that presents wines that are voluptuous, round and smooth on the palate, just like the hills of Palouse. Extracting only the softest and silkiest tannins from the fruit ensures a exquisite and sensuous wine that is smooth and gentle on the palate. Palouse Winery makes limited quantities of extremely high quality wines and sources fruit from some of the best vineyards in Eastern Washington.

  • Sea Breeze Farm Winery

    The Sea Breeze Farm Winery on Vashon Island makes wines by hand and foot from Washington-grown grapes, with no additives or chemicals - simply superb. Enjoy the cabernet sauvignon blends on offer or the chardonnay, how about some syrah - come taste. Buy your wine, cheese, meat, pates, eggs and so much more from the Sea breeze Farm, or stop for lunch or dinner, it's all divine.

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