Minneapolis Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

  • Andrew Residence

    Andrew Residence, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, opened our doors in 1973 with the hope of enhancing the lives of persons with mental illness. Since then our mission of providing high quality rehabilitation services to persons with severe, persistent mental illness has been achieved. We are proud to be a leading provider of comprehensive residential mental health services in Minnesota. Thousands of resident?s lives have been improved through their involvement with Andrew Residence.

  • Jones-Harrison Residence

    Jones-Harrison Residence, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, since 1888, we?ve been a visionary in the world of services for older adults. From our commitment to progressive care and therapies to our belief in celebrating the full circle of life, we are thriving now more than ever.

  • Providence Place

    At Providence Place, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, we are in a proud partnership with Fairview/Ebenezer Senior Care Services. Providence Place?s short-term rehabilitation unit offers 7-day-a-week therapies to ensure our patients return to their home/apartment as soon as they are able.

  • The Kenwood

    At The Kenwood, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, we want to be accessible to our residents and their families, and those who want to know more about us. Keep your independence while receiving care and services in the privacy of your own apartment

  • Assisted Living at The Kenwood

    At Assisted Living at The Kenwood, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, it?s all at the Kenwood! We are dedicated to offering services to meet your needs now and in the future. You?ll enjoy fun and interesting social events, flexible dining options and comfortable living accommodations.

  • Short Term Stay at The Kenwood

    At Short Term Stay at The Kenwood, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, guests can be independent or include an Assisted Living package while residing in our Respite apartments. Our experienced, professional staff ? including homecare nurses and social workers ? are licensed and certified in their fields.

  • Bywood East Health Care

    At Bywood East Health Care, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, regularly scheduled programs provide a variety of social, recreational and cognitive activities, both within and outside the facility.

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