Minneapolis Museum

Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

  • Weisman Art Museum

    At the Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, admission to the Weisman Art Museum is always free! Visit us in our gleaming home on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus. The building is a wild jumble of angular shapes, covered in shimmering brushed stainless steel.

  • Hennepin History Museum

    At the Hennepin History Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, we aim to to promote an understanding of the relationship between Hennepin County's past and present and its contemporary suburban, urban, and rural communities through collecting, preserving and interpreting the county's history.

  • Mill City Museum

    At the Mill City Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, you can see the history of the Mill industry that was so important to Minneapolis, and how it dominated for half a century the worlds flour production.

  • The Works

    The Works, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, is a ?hands-on, minds-on? museum that makes learning about engineering, science and technology interesting, understandable and fun.

  • Group Visits

    At Group Visits, The Works, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, explore the museum, do a workshop or choose a combination. Groups can visit The Works year round Monday through Friday. Reservations are required. Reserve your space early to ensure your first choice of dates.

  • Parties at The Works

    At Parties at The Works, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, Explore The Works' gallery of hands-on exhibits and entertain guests in a private room. A friendly Explainer helps your guests explore the exhibit gallery. Each guest takes home his/her own face warp printout as a souvenir of the party. A private room is yours to entertain guests, unwrap presents, have cake and eat it too!

  • The Bakken

    The Bakken Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, is a center for education and learning that furthers the understanding of the history, cultural context, and applications of electricity and magnetism in the life sciences and their benefits to contemporary society.

  • Bell Museum

    At The Bell Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, our scientific collections help researchers around the world better understand life on our planet. Staff scientists track habitat changes and their consequences in an effort to conserve and protect plants, animals, insects, and their environments. Fundamental to this effort is systematics research, which discovers and organizes biological diversity to provide critical baseline knowledge for scientists and conservationists. The Bell Museu

  • Education Programs

    Eductaion Programs at Bell Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, a field trip to the Bell Museum includes a tour of the museum's legendary diorama halls and a visit to the museum's popular Touch and See Room. Along the way, students interact with the museum's energetic guides, role play, and learn about the biology of Minnesota's north woods and prairies.

  • Museum Services

    At Museum Services, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, we offer a complete range of art services including: * Art and Antiqute Moving & Transport * Art Installation * Art Conservation * Custom & Archival Framing * Climate- Controlled Storage * Exhibit Development * Art Packing & Crating * Collection Documentation & Management * The Minneapolis Foundation Art Exhibitions.

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