Harlingen Harbour

Harbour in Harlingen, Frisia, Netherlands

  • Dromen Aan Zee

    Dromen Aan Zee in Harlingen offer three unique and fantastic overnight accommodation options, and after a magical stay in a lighthouse, a harbour crane or a lifeboat, your life will never be the same. Come revel in the amazing technology that makes these iconic buildings and the lifesaving boat work, enjoy panoramic views from the lighthouse tower and swing that crane for the ultimate thrill experience. A private captain is even available should you wish to enjoy a two hour boat trip out in the harbour and see the lifeboat in action. The three stunning and unique accommodations offer comfort and something truly different for two people, come and experience the magic of staying in a breathtaking attraction.

  • The Harbour Crane of Harlingen

    The Harbour Crane of Harlingen towers above historic Harlingen with it's high legs firmly placed, and almost standing in the Wadden Sea. Dromen Aan Zee invites you to come and stay the night in the Harbour Crane, it's a unique experience you are guaranteed never to forget. Two lifts await, one will take you to a platform between the cranes legs and the other zooms you up to the heart of the crane, it's exhilarating. Entering the machine room is a magical experience of advanced technology, and here you will find a well designed bed, and a shower bath for two, and the lighting and audio visual electronics are all touch screen operated. The Harbour Crane of Harlingen will swing into action at your command, hold your breath as sixty five thousand kilos of steel rotate, and you manipulate the panorama, you'll never want to leave.

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