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The Netherlands (or Holland) lies in coastal lowland on the edge of Europe. Much of the land is below sea level, and the Dutch are famous for their reclaimed land. One polder, De Beemster dating back from the 17th century, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a country with a close link to the water. The Netherlands lies at the mouths of three major European rivers: the Rhine, Maas or Meuse, and Schelde. The country is also criss-crossed with canals and dykes, and the beach is never far away. There are more than 40 seaside resorts along the coast, ranging from family holiday centres to fashionable, trendy retreats. Even the three largest cities in the country, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, are situated along the coast. Holland is a country with an intriguing mix of progressive thinking and old, traditional values. This is a densely populated country with many cities. Many feature impressive architecture that hints at the glory days of the Dutch East India Company. The Dutch are also known for their famously tolerant attitude, and Amsterdam epitomises these earthly delights still frowned on by most other nations of the world.

Regions in Netherlands

Drenthe is a province of the Netherlands, located in the north-east of the country. The capital city is Assen. It is bordered by Overijssel to the sou... READ MORE

The province has approximately 370,000 inhabitants (2005) and consists of 6 municipalities. After a flood in 1916, it was decided that the Zuiderzee,... READ MORE

Friesland is mainly an agricultural province. The famous black and white Friesian cattle and the well known black Friesian horse originated here. Tour... READ MORE

Frisia is the traditional homeland of the Frisians, a Germanic people who speak Frisian, a language group closely related to the English language. Fri... READ MORE

The current province of Gelderland covers about the area of three of the quarters of the historical Duchy of Guelders. Guelders was a county in the la... READ MORE

Situated on the North Sea, North Holland is a province in the northwest part of the Netherlands. The provincial capital is Haarlem and its largest cit... READ MORE

The North Sea is a marginal, epeiric sea of the Atlantic Ocean on the European continental shelf. It is more than 600 miles (970 km) long and 350 mile... READ MORE

Overijssel is a province of the Netherlands in the central eastern part of the country.... READ MORE

Situated on the North Sea in the western part of the Netherlands. South Holland is a province and the provincial capital is The Hague and its largest ... READ MORE

Utrecht is the smallest province of the Netherlands in terms of area, and is located in the centre of the country.... READ MORE

Its capital is Middelburg. Its population is about 380,000 and its area is about 2930 km², of which almost 1140 km² is water. Large parts of... READ MORE

The province, located in the south-west of the country, consists of a number of islands (hence its name, meaning "sea-land") and a strip bordering Bel... READ MORE

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