The Lilla Marras

The Lilla Marras in Harlingen, Friesland, Netherlands | Attraction | Bed and Breakfast | Accommodation

The Lilla Marras is a completely restored lifeboat in Harlingen that offers truly unique day time and night time Accommodation, and is a comfortable place to stay. Dromen Aan Zee will organise and book your pleasurable stay on this original life boat, with a cabin at the aft perfect for day time Accommodation, and here you can enjoy breakfast which is delivered, and you can enjoy eating on the deck with views of the harbour, the town and the sea. From here you can cast off with a private captain showing you just how agile the old lifesaver is, and enjoy a magical two hour trip. Overnight stays are possible for couples, with facilities fore and aft including a bed, wooden bath and toilet, swivel chairs, table and wall unit as well as audio visual equipment, it's really something different.

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