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Welcome to Zingers Ice Cream Parlour, Seaside, United States. Seaside is Oregon’s oldest ocean resort, and like any good tourist town, there’s good eatin’ aplenty here. The fact is, there are plenty of ice cream places in town, but ONE stands head and shoulders above the rest. We're ready for the after dinner rush!

Yes, only One Ice Cream Parlour makes their own homemade ice cream. Only ONE Ice Cream Parlour has an ultra-premium 16% butterfat mix that is fresh, smooth, sweet & creamy. Only ONE place has unique flavors like Butter Brickle, Blue Moon, and Black Walnut (and that’s just the B’s). Only ONE place has ice cream loaded with nuts, chips, and flavor.

You could be HERE at Zingers Ice Cream! Fortunately, all of this is in the same place. Our place. If you absolutely LOVE ice cream, you need to know more. We make more than 60 different homemade flavors, so there's always something you'll like. Remember, it's made fresh here on site, and we rotate our flavors often so that we can offer different tastes. If your favorite isn't currently being served, try another! Perhaps you'll discover a new favorite!  At Zingers Ice Cream we can also put our ice cream into smooth and creamy milkshakes and fantastic sundaes

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210 Broadway, Seaside, Oregon
United States
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