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Zeroday Brewing Company in Harrisburg, Dauphin County, United States | Brewery | Wine | Live Entertainment

Zeroday Brewing Company in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is a centrally located, unique Brewery and tasting room, and although not a full restaurant, can offer visitors an
interesting snack menu that includes hummus, seriously large pretzels and other delicious items. The tasting room at our Brewery has a relaxed atmosphere where visitors can
enjoy balanced ales, lagers, Wine and cider and is a popular meeting place where like-minded folk can socialize while enjoying a refreshing drink. Zeroday Brewing Company
regularly hosts Live Entertainment as well as featuring an enormous, regularly rotating gallery that features artworks of our local, talented artists.

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250 Reily Street
United States
+1 717-745-6218
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Live Entertainment
Central Location
Social Gatherings
Relaxed Atmosphere
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