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Welcome to Zahtar Restaurant, Grand Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. At Zahtar by Fhima, Grand Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota, we believe that what you put in your body affects your performance. Healthy food can also delight the senses as it refuels the body. So we?ve combined the freshest organic ingredients and balanced nutrition in delicious recipes that infuse Classic American cuisine with a Mediterranean flair.
Every dish has been expertly and passionately designed through the talents of Executive Chef David Fhima.
David Fhima has been a part of the Restaurant industry for over 25 years and has been an Executive Chef and Maitre D'Hotel at fine Restaurants around the world. He is one of the pioneers of FUSION CUISINE which combines classical French and Mediterranean cooking techniques with a flare of Italian and Spanish as well as a touch of Moroccan cuisine. His talents also include being a pastry chef, and a Wine Sommelier where his wine lists have received Wine Spectators Award of Excellence year after year. David has been featured in many local, national and international magazines including publications such as the Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, Minnesota Monthly, Bon Appetit, and Los Angeles Times to mention a few. His television appearances are also impressive and include being featured on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. David was born in Casablanca, Morocco and studied in Strasbourg, Paris, London and Geneva. He speaks 7 languages fluently and brings his international/multicultural flare into all of his dishes.

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615 Second Avenue South Minneapolis, MN
United States
(612) 288-8888
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