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Welcome to Yankee Fleet, Gloucester, United States. Yes, after over 30 years at the Cape Ann Marina, the Yankee Fleet will be relocating to downtown Gloucester. We are really excited to be able to continue our goals of having the best Fishing fleet on Cape Ann.  All Day Fishing will begin running everyday as of April 1st. Private charters are also available and being booked for 2008. All trips are available at 2007 prices if booked by March 1st. Dates are going quickly so contact Teresa for details, 1-800-942-5464!

If you haven't heard, Yankee Fleet is moving to a new location in Gloucester Harbor on the other side of Blyman Bridge (no more waiting for an opening). Construction delays for our new wharf will make our operation somewhat trying. However as we move forward we will be providing continuous updates, so in touch! We appreciate your understanding and patronage.  Yankee Fleet,has a new exciting summer planned and we are all up for the challenge. We installed new transmissions in the Yankee Patriot and have her running "finest kind". Veteran mate George and Chris are back with Capt. Tom O and Capt. Smitty taking control.  The "Patriot" continues to provide a preferred Fishing platform for a lot of our anglers. The Yankee Clipper has Capt. Josh, our new captain but certainly not new to the industry. He brings experience from up and down the northeast and offshore Fishing from the Yankee Capts. With our experienced crews and captains we want to bring you the best possible trips!The Yankee Freedom, designed for stability and speed, also expands our menu of unique trips and fun.

We cannot forget the young ladies in the office with Teresa holding down the fort during our move. Also Bill providing excellent galley operations and an all around fill in guy. Their is excitement in the air at Yankee Fleet and we all welcome the change and the challenge to provide our very best service. Hope to see you this season.

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