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Constant debilitating back pain, nagging tension, shooting nerve pain down my leg, depression, low sex drive, constipation, extreme irritability, anxiety and isolation. I could go on.
Ugh…so bad. I couldn’t even Bend over to shave my legs!

I tried every treatment and therapy you can imagine—Massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, the anti-inflammatory diet.

I even had an MRI and saw a neurosurgeon. He wanted to chop me open with no good reason. To which I say… “Hellll, no!”

By then I was $10,000 out of pocket with no relief in site, often crawling on all fours due to the pain. I just wanted to get better. I wanted to feel like myself again, to sleep through the night, to live a normal life and to have a real solution. I was tired of throwing money down the drain.

Sound familiar?

That was me before I found Myofascial Release. I would drive 6 hours every week for therapy. After two sessions, I had that sparkle back in my eyes. Before long, I was PAIN-FREE!

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