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It's a whale! How many of you have heard those words and then felt your heart beating out of your chest? After seeing 1000's of whales, I still get that same feeling! This website shares with you the special photos that I have taken during those heart throbbing moments. Here you will learn about the knowledge that I have gained through my four-year PhD study at Oregon State University and through 12 years of teaching marine biology. Throughout my doctoral study, I was fortunate to make one cool discovery after another about the incredible gray whale. Here you will learn about these discoveries and perhaps feel the same thrill and excitement that I felt.
During my research along the Oregon Coast, I've identified over 56 individual whales and learned about each whale's personality and unique markings and behaviors. I sincerely want you to get to know my friends too. Whether you live on the Oregon Coast or on a farm in Kansas, you can jump aboard my "virtual" Whale Watch Charter to see them for yourself. Call them by name, smell their stinky breath, experience the beauty of the Oregon Coast and expand your awareness of our incredible ocean!

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