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Welcome to Waterfall Gardens, Bainbridge Island, Puget Sound, United States. Waterfall Gardens is truly a graceful retreat of magical proportions. We have been here since 1976, when there was "nothing here" but brambles, thick brush, and serious blackberries. My partner and I have done "all the work" here ourselves, which includes the designs, the homes, the interiors, the gardens, landscaping, all of everything you see, without any hired help. We have been featured in Sunset, April 2006, & Sunset, 2008, Summer Trips, North West Edition), Garden Wise (early Spring 2006) and the newly published book called Garden Walks in the Pacific Northwest.

Over the years, with great love, passion and spirit has come the creation of an eco-friendly sanctuary that promises to excite any nature lover?s fancy. Because of our respect and commitment to the enviornment and future generations,(ie. our children, grandchildren) we are committed to gardening "TOTALLY ORGANICALLY".
Come share in our tranquil paradise, where it?s easy to experience "being in the moment". Each season offers exciting adventures with nature and a sense of renewed vitality that is guaranteed to refresh your spirit. We are a "Four Seasons" experience, from the first breath of Spring opening the colors of life, to the chilly fall days, where nature gives a palate of contrasting hues to the trees, getting ready for their winter rest. We have an abundance of wildlife. Some examples are, deer, native wild coho salmon, cutthroat trout, river otters, and 57 species of birds (species we have identified) that make Waterfall Gardens, Bainbridge Island, Puget Sound, their home, or drop by for frequent visits.
We also offer a 8-hole Bobo-Golf course over 2.5 acres. Played with one golf club and a tennis ball, this game is sure to delight and amuse you whether golf is your sport or not! For more outdoor activities, croquet and horseshoe are ready for your entertainment and fun!

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