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Once upon a time, Jeanne met Brent and fell deeply in love. Then she was blessed by God with the gifts of Cynthia, Jeffrey, Amy, Ryan, Spencer and Katie!
While raising her baby chicks, Jeanne discovered her love of cooking, gardening, sewing and all manner of homemaking on their ranch in northern California. She had a custom chicken coop built, a half-acre vegetable garden, a fruit orchard and a barn where she raised real baby chicks, pigs, horses, ducks and her own turkey for Thanksgiving dinner! It was during this time that Jeanne became transformed into The Waffle Lady.
The Waffle Lady was very curious about all things natural because she wanted to feed her precious family only the freshest and healthiest of all foods and grains. She learned to make her own fresh yogurt, butter, apple butter, jams and jellies. She learned to can and preserve all of her foods. She even learned how to grind her own grains and bake her own bread....
Next came homemade waffles and pancakes. She ground the grain, and created the best waffle mix anyone had ever tasted. This of course became The California Waffle Mix. If the waffles were great, then the toppings had to be great too! Sooo....
She took her already famous Jumbleberry Pie and converted it into Jumbleberry Topping. Next she couldn't find any authentic Coconut Syrup, so she created her own using fresh coconut and vanilla bean for the best syrup ever to use on her Macadamia Nut Waffles.
If that wasn't enough she opened the most incredible Restaurant called The California Waffle Bar to try her ideas out on other people. This Restaurant was voted one of the top five breakfast houses in all of Orange County in it's first year. In the second year, it was voted best Hamburger! Who would have ever guessed?

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107 Via Pico Plaza
San Clemente
United States
(949) 361-9132
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