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TowBoat U.S. in Morehead City, operates 13 ports in North Carolina, with part and full time captains covering a vast area of lakes, oceans and ports, and offshore coverage is up to 75 miles, they even go to Big Rock and have a fast response time. Their on the water towing assistance is available year round, 24 hours a day, they also do salvage including sinkings and hard groundings and more, they have the expertise and equipment to rescue your boat. They have boats that work for every situation and services include towing, soft ungrounding, fuel delivery and jump starts away from your home port on any recreational vessel you own, borrow or charter anywhere in the United States with one membership covering it all. Operating under the company of Atlantic Coast Marine Group, Inc., TowBoat U.S. also does environmental services, professionally conducting clean ups, spills and recovery operations, and provide service for Mold and Water Restoration, plus natural disaster response, they have you covered.

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201 Arendell Street,
Morehead City
North Carolina
United States
252-728-5088 ext 0
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Boat Towing
Soft Ungrounding
Fuel Delivery
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