Tolchester Beach Revisited

Tolchester Beach Revisited in Rock Hall, Kent County, United States | Amusement Park | Attraction | Museum

Tolchester Beach Revisited on Main street, in Rock Hall, Maryland offers a fascinating step back in time to visit a Museum about and Amusement Park, as seen through the years. Tolchester beach in it's prime, offered happy visitors a summer hotel with roller coaster, boat rides, bowling alleys, roller rink, dodgems, a miniature steam train, restaurants, novelty and candy shops and more, and was serviced by six steamers and a ferry. Tolchester Beach Revisited offers an insight into the popular tourist destination for residents of Baltimore and other areas from the late 1800's.

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Main Street
Rock Hall
United States
410) 778-5347
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Amusement Park
Roller Coaster
Boat Rides
Bowling Alleys
Roller Rink
Miniature Steam Train