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Welcome to Thames Academy, New London, United States. Thames Academy, New London - A Whole New Way to Look at Post-Grad and Pre-College Experiences
Thames Academy is a post-grad (PG) or pre-college transitional experience. It is a year of academic preparation that students take between the end of their secondary school/high school education and the start of their college studies. Unlike traditional post-grad programs at independent or prep schools, Thames Academy at Mitchell College provides college level courses for credit. Located on Mitchell College campus, the Academy provides a highly structured residential program within a collegiate environment and co-curricular interaction with two-year and four-year students. Students who embark upon this distinctive transitional year will have already obtained their high school diploma and are college age. Recognizing that more and more high school graduates are not adequately prepared to begin their college studies, we are proud to announce the launching of Thames Academy for Fall 2006.
Distinctive features of Thames Academy: # Ability to earn up to20 transferable college credits  # Courses taught by learning & writing specialists # Content tutoring by professionals # Development of a Personalized Learning Plan # Workshops focusing on vocabulary & writing, math, computer skills, learning & study strategies, team building & collaboration, leadership, and presentation & oral communications # Innovative 12-3-3-12-week curriculum # Early Academic Reports andongoing parent communication # Academic support for students with documented learning disabilities
# Professional content tutoring sessions # First-year seminar course to help acclimate to college life
# Classroom instruction supplemented with hands-on learning opportunities # Development of curricular and co-curricular transcripts # Location - beautiful waterfront college environment

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