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Welcome to The Studio, Avatar Private Training, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. The Studio at Avatar, Minneapolis, Minnesota was designed by personal trainers for personal trainers?and their clients?as our main priority. Our beautiful two-story 3500 square feet facility is therefore spacious enough to ensure that you never feel crowded or rushed. The focus is on you.
All the equipment at Avatar adapts to your body. Standard gym equipment locks you into a preset form. While adequate, it tends to be like a generic t-shirt: one size fits all which means it never fits you correct. When equipment is used, we prefer cables, free weights, kettlebells, medicine balls and other pieces that allow you to utilize your full range of motion without compromising form. Enabling maximum benefit and preventing injury.
Unlike many other personal training facilities, we offer full locker rooms with showers. Overall, Avatar maintains a relaxed yet energetic environment so you can always feel refreshed, invigorated, and ready to take on your Fitness goals.

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311 5th Ave N Minneapolis MN
United States
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