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Welcome to Spy Headquarters in Phoenix, Southwestern, United States. Spy Headquarters is a unique provider of high-end spy gear. We offer products ranging from surveillance to survival. Spy Headquarters has high quality products which are built to protect your home, business and self.
Whether you are in the market for personal protection devices or high-tech surveillance, Spy Headquarters, a spy's delight in Phoenix, Southwestern, certainly has it all. Hidden cameras, telephone recorders, key chain weapons, defense sprays and much more can be found here. Check out the good selection of how-to books. Let the courteous staff at Spy Headquarters assist you in all your espionage needs. Before buying, please check governing laws regarding product usage for your particular area.
The pen microphone is perfect for applications which require an unobtrusive microphone. The small size, combined with a wide frequency response, allows accurate sound pickup with total freedom of movement. This minute sized microphone makes it ideal for surveillance or executive use. Plugs into most standard recorders with microphone input.

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