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Spud Point Crab Company, which opened its doors in Bodega Bay, California in the United States, on July 10, 2004, is a family-operated business owned by Tony and Carol Anello. Tony has been commercial fishing for 35 years, Spud Point Crab Company is a dream-come-true for Tony and his wife, Carol. (Tony is also a firefighter and will be retiring in 2006.)
Tony provides all the fresh fish from his own boat and that of his son and brother. Carol and daughter Lisa run the unique, 350 square foot shop.
Spud Point Crab Company provides hot coffee every morning, along with donuts and breakfast sandwiches to the fishermen, as well as to locals and visitors. Fishermen use Spud Point Crab Company, located right across from Spud Point Marina in Bogeda Bay, California, as a morning meeting place. For lunch, there are hot dogs, chili dogs, and tri-tip sandwiches (the fishermen's favorite), along with hot chili and clam chawder. When the fishermen are working on gear or hanging around their boats, the menu broadens to include a "Special of the Day" that might be meatloaf or albacore sandwiches. Visitors come from near and far for the clam chowder and the crab and shrimp sandwiches.
Spud Point Crab Company is a truly old style Fishermen's Wharf. We catch and smoke our own "Wild King Salmon," which is the best according to all that taste it. You can watch the live crab go into the large cooker that is right outside the shop. Watch us clean the crab you select. If you can't wait to take the crab home, tables are provided outside, with a view of the boats and the bay, and tools to crack the crab, sauce, butter and lemon. In the tradition of true Italian hospitality, you will be provided hand towels and a table cloth to make you feel like part of the family.
Please stop by, say hello, and enjoy, home-made clam chowder, a crab or shrimp cocktail, or the sandwich of the day alongside Sonoma County's beautiful Bodega Bay, California. Or purchase the catch of the day to take home for dinner.
Spud Point Crab Company is also a great place to go to escape stifling hot inland weather, and the views of Bodega Bay, California, our birds and fishing fleet are fantastic.

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1860 Westshore Road
Bodega Bay
United States
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Family-operated Business
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