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Spiga Restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida, has been serving patrons delicious Italian Cuisine since 1995, in an environment where romantic dinners are enjoyed in an atmosphere that is intimate, relaxing and reminiscent of an Italian trattoria of old. Because our staff have been with us since the beginning, regular customers are welcomed by name, and their food preferences remembered, from starters to desserts. Spiga Restaurant has an extensive menu of Italian Cuisine which is freshly prepared on a daily basis, and also has an extensive selection of reasonably priced Wines. Dining at Spiga Restaurant is always a special occasion, and with the elegant and relaxing atmosphere diners will enjoy a fine dining experience with friends and like-minded lovers of Italian Cuisine.

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1228 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach
United States
(305) 534-0079
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Italian Restaurant
Italian Cuisine
Hand-made Breads
Elegant Atmosphere
Friendly Service
Romantic Dinners
Quality Meals
Traditional Menu
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