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Southport Paddle and Sail in Southport, Brunswick County, United States | Guided tours | Stand Up Paddleboarding

At Southport Paddle and Sail in Southport, North Carolina, outdoor adventurers will learn all there is to know about being safe on the water with their Stand Up Paddleboarding lessons and having fun through our Guided tours and excursions. Our convenient location in the Southport marina is the ideal place to learn all about stand up paddle boarding, we also offer instruction and bring boards to a suitable location of your choice. Stand Up Paddleboarding is a great sport that gives hours of fun as you paddle along scenic creeks and rivers, enjoying many interesting sights along the way, and for party and paddle or picnic and paddle events, Southport Paddle and Sail will take care of all the necessary arrangements for memorable events.

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606 W. West Street
North Carolina
United States
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Guided tours
Stand Up Paddleboarding
Convenient Location
Family Owned
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