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Welcome to Southold Indian Museum in Southold, United States.   Our
Museum is dedicated to study and education surrounding archaeology and
natural history. Southold Indian Museum is owned and operated by the Incorporated Long Island
Chapter of the New York State

Incorporated Long Island Chapter of the New York State Archaeological
is a private, non-profit educational organization
dedicated to the preservation and study of the culture of the Indians
of Long Island.

chapter was formed in 1925 by a group of avocational archaeologists. Founding
members included Charles Goddard, Nathaniel Booth, Bennett DeBexeidon,
Roy Latham, Elliott Brooks, Edward Vail, James Gildersleeve, William Griswold,
and Daniel Young.

In 1932
the chapter was formally recognized by its parent organization, the New
York State Archaeological Association.

In 1943
the chapter was incorporated as a non-profit educational organization.
Meetings were held, archaeologic "digs" conducted, and much valuable information
preserved for future generations.

In 1962,
with money left to the organization by one of its founders, Charles Goddard,
the chapter built the Southold Indian Museum in Southold which today houses the bulk of the
archaeological collections of Mr. Latham, Mr. Booth, and Mr. Goddard.

Southold Indian Museum
has the largest collection of Algonquin ceramic pottery that exists as
well as an impressive collection of earlier pots and bowls carved out
of soapstone. The projectile points on display include a large quantity
of spear heads and arrowheads shaped for hunting many different animals,
birds, and fish.

Worthy of special
note are the displays of knife blades, hoe blades, hammers, gouges, drills
and other tools. One exhibit places a modern tool next to the stone or
bone tool that was shaped and used for a similar task.

Other displays at Southold Indian Museum include
children's games and toys, fishing methods with a full showing of tackle,
foods that were available to Indians on Long Island, mortars and pestles,
and clothing.

While 90 to 95% of
the exhibits at Southold Indian Museum consist of artifacts and relics of local Long Island Algonquin
Indians, there are noteworthy examples of the handiwork of middle and
far Western Indians and even tribes of Central and South America.



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