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Soaring Eagle Fishing and Adventures located in Anchor Point offers several Alaska vacation packages that are perfect for almost everyone visiting Alaska in the United States.

Soaring Eagle Fishing and Adventures offers the perfect Alaska vacation package...

* Oceanfront setting, with snow capped mountain views
* Luxury Alaska cabins with full bath and kitchens
* Includes all airline arrangements and rental cars
* The widest variety of Alaska fishing options
* Large choice of Alaska adventures
* All details carefully planned and implemented

We would enjoy working with you to plan and produce the grandest Alaska vacation package of your dreams. The grandeur of Alaska as seen and enjoyed with the prompt and professional assistance of Soaring Eagle is a vacation trip you will long remember.

Soaring Eagle Fishing and Adventures provides the most complete, comprehensive Alaska vacation planning and implementation on the Kenai Peninsula. We assist guests with all aspects of their vacation needs in Anchor Point from fly out fishing trips and bear viewing expeditions to dinner at several award winning local restaurants.

Our cottage-like luxury cabins are regarded as the finest on the Kenai Peninsula. Each is very nicely decorated, clean and beautifully landscaped with perhaps the grandest view in the entire State.

The recliner in the living room is ideal for watching the satellite TV, listening to the CD music or simply enjoying the fireplace and view.

We provide the most completely planned and implemented trip available.

We will:

* personally plan every detail of your trip
* answer all of your questions
* arrange for all of your needs
* be available to you promptly by toll free phone or by email
* ensure all of your adventures are trouble free

To further insure your comfort and enjoyment we will provide:

* only the best fishing and adventure guides available
* a daily itinerary with all essential trip details included
* clothing and trip packing suggestions
* a personal greeting on arrival along with a full orientation
* a cleaned and stocked cottage
* satellite TV and telephone
* a complete food/beverage/condiment starter kit
* a basic daily maid service
* guest laundry facilities are provided
* a variety of small appliances and personal care implements
* dinning and sightseeing opportunities and reservation services
* assistance with any special requests or needs

Our goal is a problem free, fun and memorable Alaska visit.

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