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Smokey Bones in Avon Lake, Lorain County, United States | Grill Restaurant | American Cuisine | Grill and Bar

At Smokey Bones in Avon Lake, Ohio they claim that good things come to those who eat, and they back up that claim by offering an exquisite dining and drinking experience bar none. Here the grill masters believe in the art of marinating and respect the power of the open flame to bring you the best hot off the grill meal you'll ever taste, and they believe pork should be slow smoked and pulled often, here they are big fans of sports, loud music and good times, and they believe you should be joining them for all the great food, fun, drinks and entertainment. At Smokey Bones it's the bartenders that make the drinks great and the servers are exceptionally friendly and helpful, and you'll notice they bring much more than food and drinks to the table, here they believe in laughing often and sharing their magic with you, an unforgettable experience awaits, believe it.

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33760 Lake Road,
Avon Lake
United States
(440) 779-4384
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Grill Restaurant
American Cuisine
Grill and Bar
Grill Master
Pulled Pork
Loud Music
Good Times
Open Flame
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