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Skydive Delmarva First Time Jump in Laurel, Sussex County, United States | Parachuting | Skydiving | Tandem Skydiving

The Skydive Delmarva First Time Jump based in Laurel, Delaware offer a choice of tandem Skydiving or AFF Skydiving, which stands for Accelerated Free Fall. Tandem Skydiving is more for people who want to experience a skydive safely attached to a professional instructor by a harness and is perfect for people who only want one jump or an introduction to the sport, however the tandem jump counts towards future training. The Accelerated Free Fall or AFF program is for those individuals who want to learn everything they can about Skydiving and want to pursue the sport on a regular basis. So come free your spirit and experience the thrill of flying through the air with a Skydive Delmarva First Time Jump and have your jump videoed and photographed for a lifetime of memories, and buy a gift certificate so a loved one can also experience the thrill.

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32524 Aero Drive Route 24 West Laurel, Delaware
United States
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