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Welcome to Sims Design, Spokane, Washington, United States. Rather than provide a predisposed style on a project, we strive to make each project stand apart in style and originality. Each Design reflects the users personality, site involvement, budget, and specific Design needs. Your house should be as unique as you are and it is the Designers job to translate that individuality into the structure. We believe the best work results from an ongoing, evolving relationship with our clients. Through good listening and communication, we will forge a shared trust and lasting partnership.
In recent years, architects have come to know the value of 3d computer visualization to help communicate their Design ideas. They have also realized that production of effective 3d models requires significant experience and training. Architectural firms are recognizing that it is extremely difficult for their Design staff to develop these skills when their primary responsibility is to Design buildings.
Working with Sims Design, Spokane, Washington gives you freedom and flexibility. Our firm is well trained transforming all kinds of architectural documents into well-built 3d models. Our high resolution images have set high standards in architectural Design and computer graphics. By configuring our services to smoothly interface with your Design process, we can provide you with outstanding visualization, liberating your valuable staff to Design a great work of architecture.

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